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Spain Rural retreats...rural places of interest, Art Holidays, walking and adventure, around Molinicos & Elche de la Sierra, Castilla La Mancha. Links to rural villages of Spain and hidden areas to explore. 
From those little old ruins in the mountains, to converted farms and villas...the perfect starting point to discover "that Dream" with plenty of local tips and information on buying and moving abroad...it is not as difficult as you think? This is a rural site, and we are not interested in Golf courses or big holiday developments...keep it small, traditional and do not spoil wonderful Spain. Live with the culture. 

SPAIN art holiday workshops to be anounced ...so Happy my first little figure workshop in June...with a few mates in Spain, near by this village...http://www.panoramio.com/photo/33925859 
and my home ART site
my Spain art...https://www.flickr.com/photos/frankadey/sets

http://www.molinicos.net/  main Molinicos area site...
...and to get away from it all...
http://www.otro-mundo.com/ something Special to stay...

Very Large detacthed House in Los Chovales near Vegallera for Sale
ontact the owners direct for full detals 0034 967 433 016   180,000 euros  600sq m garden, house 600sqm, full central heating, large roof top patio, 5 bedrooms and masses of extra storage and space.

Rent, set in the sleepy village of la Alfera a lovely converted old house Alberto (who speaks English)ahojadeoro@hotmail.com      http://www.casalagandula.com/tag/molinicos/

Although this area has summer temps around 38to40% it is Not humid like the South, The pool at Molinicos is superb July to Aug.
Fuente Higuera. A typical little Village with three great bars, three bakery's and a local butchers. 
1 Meson de la Sierra,  Josa, will do a fabulous grilled Chicken and Spanish salada. 

2 Asador Manchego,  Irene & Juan make all home made Tapas.  (they speak English)

3 Bar Juan well known for meat dishes.
4. Posada PENARRUBIA Famous fabulous place http://www.posadapenarrubia.es/
There are many lovely Villages to explore including a Traditional Tapas bar in El Pardel,    
Llano de la Torre, with a typical village bread oven, a wine shop run by Carlos and Sara, La Bodega de Carlitos. Yeste has a fine Castle.
(Many thanks to Rose & John Raby, we not be here without their love of the area. Not forgetting the original Domingo and Lyn).
Rioper is well know for the fabulour rustic waterfalls...https://www.flickr.com/photos/anaalas/9842459435/

NEW SECTION houses  for SALE...down the page under Spain Lawyers...

RENT IN Elche de la Sierra/Rioper/Molinicos area...
If you are looking for that perfect rental retreat in real Spain...look no further than these beautiful Casas. http://www.casalagandula.com/ 

Some propery sites in Spain
Turismo Castilla La Mancha  http://www.facebook.com/TurismoCLMsk=wall             http://www.coloursofspain.com/                          

Some places to visit
Molinicos    http://www.molinicos.es/                             
Local area around Molinicos, Pinilla   
Exotic Crafts...RIOPAR... La Cueva del Mundo...they speak English, lovely area from Fuenta down spectacular valley.

Doctors in rural areas...
"I damaged my leg on a Sunday...went to the little surgery in Molinicos (a remote mountain Village)...there was a doctor a nurse at lunch time. They also dispensed medicines direct from the surgery...and made no charge for this service" Thank you. Francis (paco) Adey.
Spain is undergoing real problems with the slump in the market, but if you can buy it is a good time to invest. There are many real bargans in land and property. I list a few places to look below.
Land Grab...The problems about land grab are only in certain Northern regions, not in elche in la mancha, and are only related to new homes on the coast, old properties are not at risk!
On average the Coucil tax is about 300 euros PER YEAR in rural Spain...and they collect the Bins twice a week!
Lovely properties in Sierra Segura Mountains...near Rioper, Molinicos, elche de la sierra in the southern district of Albacete. For those who don't know, and want to try Spain, Casas Rurales, are the Spain version of B&B & self catering, combined in a traditional casa, which is normally far less expensive than a Hotel. (ask about them in most bars)  Click on the trusted links below...or look for rurales in your area of choice. From Elche, to Yeste, passed fantastic lakes and views, on your way  visit the lovely Village of Penarrubia, Hostal Posada de Peñarrubia near elche is great...ask for Victor who speaks English. Delfin and Carmen (owners) are true Spanish, and cook up a great meal. On your way to Riopar (with spectacular water falls),  Molinicos is a great mountainVillage, with great outdoor activities. 
My art gallery for Spain, portrait of village life... http://www.flickr.com/photos/frankadey/sets/72157632999425851/

Spanish Lawyers  Carlos http://www.savenijelegalconsulting.com/
Law firm, in Pinoso  

http://www.facebook.com/isidro.gosalbezrios  Spanish artist
Spain artist Manuel Munoz Ruiz  http://ruizartmuseum.com/

NEW SECTION for SALE or RENT from private owners...contact direct...
1. Rent, set in the sleepy village of la Alfera a lovely converted old house Alberto (who speaks English) ahojadeoro@hotmail.com      http://www.casalagandula.com/tag/molinicos/

2. The perefect get away for it all rental... 

3. A lovely character cottage near Molinicos

Rent, Set near the village of Las Animas a new build that looks like a Castle with lovely grounds contact Antonio Gonsales (his mum may answer) 0034 967433090 superb finish.
 Casa rurals in Fuenta contact web http://www.casaruralbarba.com/ all these are within the district of Molinicos and Riopar
6. More land and Properties for Sale... mobile to spanish mobile 663-000-837
in Fuenta Higuera, detatched houses from new build 70,000 euros. Building plots from 18,000 euros. Fuenta Carrasca. Los Prados 10,000m2 land 15,000 euros. Pinilla land.

Very Large detacthed House in Los Chovales near Vegallera for Sale
ontact the owners direct for full detals 0034 967 433 016   180,000 euros  600sq m garden, house 600sqm, full central heating, large roof top patio, 5 bedrooms and masses of extra storage and space.

In England


Frank Adey figure drawings  http://www.flickr.com/photos/30015371@N08/


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